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boost your cyber response.

MYID helps organizations reduce IT and helpdesk workload, improve security and enhance user experience by empowering employees to manage & protect their corporate identity through a secure and easy-to-use mobile application.
MYID Manage provides a simple and secure way for users to manage the most common tasks without needing help. Users can set or reset passwords, update their phone numbers, email address, security questions/answers and unlock their Active Directory accounts. All transactions are made secure utilizing biometrics, and One-time Passcodes (OTP).
MYID Protect provides users security insights from your organization's enterprise security tools (SIEM, Endpoint Protection tools, Office365 Security Center and others) to keep users informed of their risk score, contributing factors, and remediation steps.
MYID Learn provides context and threat-based security awareness trainings, so your users are trained to respond to security events based on industry best practices.


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