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boost your cyber response.

Provide security insights to your users. Train them on security incidents. Have your users be the responders to threats targeting their corporate identity. 

All through one secure and easy-to-use Mobile App.

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The App

Reinventing Cyber Detection & Response


Alert user of real-time offenses, as it happens and when. 

MYID uses the security intelligence from your organization's IDS systems, and alerts users of incidents involving their identity. This gives users critical insights into their identity security and they can respond themselves. Most incidents can be responded by simply confirming if it was them who performed an action or not. Responses can be customized for high severity offenses, so an action is automatically taken if the user does not respond to an alert in a specified time. 



Enhance User Experience, Reduce IT workloads & costs, Maximize Security

Self-Service Account Manaement

User can reset their passwords, update their mobile phone number and emails, unlock their accounts and manage password recovery methods. All on the go without calling helpdesk, or browsing through a website. 

Real-time Security Alerts & Response

Users are alerted of security incidents involving their identity, reminded of password expiration, and high severity incidents are detected and automatically. 

Context-based Security Awareness Trainings

Combines security awareness training to the user's security profile to provide effective and & relative trainings as and when users need it the most.

How the App Works


Very Quick ROI

Users can download MYID from Apple or Google stores and connect with an organization using a QR code. Once done, users can start managing their identity and get real-time security alerts.



Immediate boost in Cyber Response

Users can use MYID alerts and notifications to respond to each incident involving their identity. If a user responds by choosing "not it's not me", all their active sessions are immediately terminated, their accounts suspended, Security teams notified, and the user is forced to reset password using MFA. Once the password is reset, all their accounts get restored.

About Us

Our Story

Security Operations Centers are overwhelmed with the incidents. Each offense is analyzed and then escalated if contains any indicators of compromise. But in the end, most offenses are manually confirmed by the end user through emails or phone calls. 

With MYID, we are changing the lifecycle of a security incident. We aspire to empower end users to take action on security incidents involving their identity. This is not only faster response than traditional SOC response, but also more secure.

For over 25 years, we have helped customers improve their security posture by implementing detection and protection systems and controls. MYID combines the power of IAM systems with the intelligence of IDS system to boost your cyber response and take immediate steps to interrupt unauthorized access and events. 

Led by the belief that there's gotta be a better way of doing it. 



Security Boost.
We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their cybersecurity needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction. 
Reduced Costs.
With a comprehensive range of services, we are confident that your IT workloads are significantly reduced resulting in huge costs savings. We work closely with our clients to create customized plans that are seamlessly integrated, and cost effective.
Delightful User Experience.
Tightened up security very often conflicts with user experience. We understand that very well and make sure we delight our users with simplicity and ease of our app design. 


We love showing people How? Just ask. 

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